Exterior Wall Coatings

MHS Limited combines superior quality and very competitive prices.

We have many properties weatherproofed against the damaging effects of the sun, acid rain, frost, snow and algae.

Our wall coating systems are texture and smooth masonry treatments that protect external walls of your home, improving the appearance of the property the same time.

“Will not chip, flake, crack or peel”
Ordinary paints soon become brittle and this often results in chipping, flaking and peeling. Our wall coating system remains flexible and will not chip, flake or peel.

“Long Lasting”
We use high performance wall coating paint that eliminates the need for frequent repainting and maintenance of exterior walls.

“Mould resistant”
Ordinary paints quickly lose their resistance to mould and algae, our wall coatings contain fungicides resulting in superb mould and algae resistant to rain and other pollutions.

“Alkali resistant”
All cement-based surfaces contain alkali and this can soon break down conventional paint. Our wall coating system has outstanding resistance to alkali.

“Resists acid rain, chemical attack and pollutions”
Our wall coating paint systems have excellent resistance to acid rain and resists the penetration of carbon dioxide which can cause carbonisation – a process which damages reinforced concrete.

“Weatherproof and micro-porous”
Our coatings stop water penetrating through the substrate. Water vapours inside external walls can pass out through the wall coating, thus allowing the walls to breathe and reducing problems traditionally associated with water, such as cracking, spalling and delamination.

“Colour stability”
Ordinary paints soon fade, discolour and become badly stained. Light-fast pigments of the highest quality are used ensuring good colour stability on exposure to sunlight.

What our process is:

We wash the whole property with our high pressure washer using a bio fungicide to kill all algae, sand, mould and to remove any loose materials.

This is the process for the protection of all doors, windows, doors paths, surrounding areas and surfaces by masking them up with tape, heavy-duty paper, polythene and dust-sheets. Great care is taken to protect plants, bushes and lawns.

Removal of all dirt, mould, algae and loose paint by power washing, wire brushing, scraping or other mechanical methods. Where appropriate, surfaces are treated with Biocide. This is strongly recommended in areas where growth has been removed.

Restoration and repair work
The next stage is to repair all damaged and worn surfaces with the appropriate materials. Damaged render is removed and all cracks hacked out. Great care is taken to minimise the visibility of the repair.

Primer or Slushcoat
Classic primer or Slush are high performance base coats designed to be used on masonry surfaces, applied prior to the final application of the wall coating. This provides excellent adhesion and weather-proofing.

Top coat
This is a spray applied on surfaces by using specialist spray equipment. A minimum of 1.2 litres of paint is applied to every square metre. The system is up to 20 times thicker than conventional paint and gives property a more smooth finish. We are the only Exterior Coatings company on the Isle of Man to spray 3 coats.

Final process
This is the demasking of all windows, doors, paths etc and cleaning of the site.

Guarantee 15 years.

If you can find the same quality of service for a lower price, we will refund the difference without question.

Exterior Wall Coating Process

Exterior Wall Coating Examples