Thermilate Roof Coatings

Thermalite water based, paint additive reduces heat loss or transfer through walls or ceilings, thereby reducing the need for air conditioning or heating. If applied on the inside it will keep heat in and on the outside reflect the heat away in summer. Thermalite was developed from the NASA space shuttle technology. Millions of 90 micron vacuum mini-spheres prevent heat transfer. Thermalite is suitable for roofs, North, West or East facing walls. It has an R-rating of 3.52, is only as thick as your paint, is water-based and is non-toxic.

To use, mix Thermalite with the paint and apply normally. Other benefits include repelling 50% of UV rays, a fire rating of 18000C and dramatic reduction in condensation, often the cause of mould and mildew build up. Conventional insulation products only work by slowing down the rate of heat loss through the wall. Thermalite works by helping prevent the heat getting to the wall in the first place; giving the same energy benefits even when used on already insulated walls.

How to get the most from this product:
It is suitable for renovations where it is costly to insulate or in hard to get places such as vaulted ceilings. Thermalite can be used wherever paint is applied such as ceilings and walls, exterior walls and roofs, garden sheds, caravans, boats, metal cladding is suitable for domestic or commercial use and is easy to add to any paint or coatings.

About Thermalite Roof Coating:
Thermalite Roof Coating is a premium waterproof and insulating roof coating. This innovative thermal coating system has been specially developed to be the most protective and durable product on the market today. Instead of replacing a whole roof or the sake of aesthetic or practical qualities, homeowners now have a choice.

Roofs can now be repaired, treated and coloured a a fraction of the cost of a new roof with our WORLD LEADING INSULATING TECHNOLOGY.

Thermalite Roof Coating – the number one trusted choice from THERMALITE.

Specially developed for residential and commercial use in the UK, our UKAS approved thermally efficient roof coating system is the perfect choice for a low-cost, eco-friendly alternative to re-roofing.

Five popular colours available in Terracotta, Rustic, Dark Brown, Super Grey and Winter Green.

Thermal Roof Coating increases the life span of your roof and is backed by our 15 Year Guarantee.

About Thermalite’s Original Roof Coating from Thermalite Technologies Limited.
We are the registered distributor of Thermalite’s Original Roof Coating by Thermalite Technologies Ltd; a company set up to meet the needs of the roof coating industry’s thermal product requirements.

Thermalite Technologies have recently developed this unique, scientifically proven, insulating roof coating to compliment their existing range of energy-saving and insulating paints, coatings and plaster products.

In a drive to help clients:

  • save energy
  • save on their energy bills
  • eliminate condensation problems
  • reduce carbon-emissions

Thermalite’s Original Roof Coating, the only truly complete roof coating available in the UK today, will enable you to restore, protect and genuinely insulate their roofs while operating sustainable business practice in the most cost-effective way possible.

MHS Limited has the answer to your roof problems at a fraction of the costs. Our roof coating is weather resistant and is 100% pure acrylate basis. As well as fast drying it is UV resistant water and dirt repellent making. It is self cleaning and is very flexible. The roof coating can be applied to surfaces such as cement roof tiles, corrugated asbestos, cement and rust proofed steel.

The coating has excellent covering capacity.

Thermalite Roof Coating has:

  • Over 30 years in Roof coating;
  • Life expectancy is over 10 years;
  • Water and dirt resistant;
  • Weather proof and microporous;
  • Resistant to acid rain;
  • Resistant to moss and lichen;
  • Highly durable;
  • Comes with a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

Before starting an inspection of the roof space.
Berofre we start pressure washing we net off to stop all the dirt from the roof going everywhere.
The roof is then pressure washed of all moss, lichen and any unwanted residues.
We then wash down with a biofungicide.
Then all ridge tiles are repointed and broken tiles changed.
The first coat is sprayed and roller applied this seals and bonds the surface.
The primer coat then has another 2 coats applied which completes the process.
This work will give you new roof at a fraction of the cost, but with a long lasting guarantee.
MMHS Limited are the only Roof Coating company on the Isle of Man to spray your roof with 3 coats!

1. Preparation ensures roof is thoroughly cleaned, primed and dry.
2. Usage to coat roofs with clay or concrete roof tiles.
3. Composition water based with UV stabilisers, heat resistent binding agents, thermostable sun-reflecting pigments nana silates.
4. Colours: Terracotta, Rustic, Dark Brown, Super Grey, Winter Green.
5. Lustre 22 at 60 degree angle.
6. Packaging 20 litre tubs.
7. Application Brush, paint roller or spray gun. When using spray gun method PLEASE REMOVE FILTERS BEFORE SPRAYING. APPLY THROUGH A
Two coat application required:
1. Dilute first coat with up to 10% water.
2. Second coat to be applied undiluted.
8. Drying time Approximately 2hours in temperatures above 10 degree C.
9. Coverage 4-5 m2 per litre.
10. Cleaning – clean painting equipment immediately after use with water.
11. Storage – store in a dry, frost free and safe environment.
12. VOC Minimal: 0% to 0.29%

Roof Coating Examples